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AU to join S.Sudan border demarcation team

Friday, 12th February 2016

Moyo- An African Union (AU) team will work with two technical committees from South Sudan and Uganda to demarcate the disputed borderline between the countries.

The Chief of Military Intelligence, Brig Charles Bakahumura, told a meeting of the two committees currently educating communities living on the border that a continental team would soon join them to start re-mapping the 470km boundary between the countries.

"There will be a team from the African Union which will join you to help end this dispute,¡± Brig Bakahumura, who chaired the meeting, said.
The technical committees have identified Moyo and Lamwo districts as hotspots of clashes between Ugandans and South Sudanese.
The CMI boss, who represented President Museveni, said the disputed border is a security issue and that¡¯s why the army is involved in the demarcation process of the borderline drawn by the colonialists in 1913.

The Ugandan team is headed by the commissioner of surveys in the Lands ministry, Mr Wilson Ogalo, while the South Sudanese side is led by Mr Jerome Gama Surur, a Member of Parliament.
Moyo District chairman Jimmy Okudi Vukoni told the meeting the disputed border is a big worry to the area communities.

"Wrong elements cross the border from South Sudan and they come to attack people because the borderline is not controlled. This is a very big security problem,¡± he said.
The technical teams are using colonial documents to redefine the borderline.